How to Vote

When you arrive at the polling place, you will be asked to present one of the seven (7) acceptable forms of photo identification, unless you are a voter with a permanent exemption on your voter registration certificate. If you do not possess a form of acceptable photo identification and you cannot reasonably obtain one, show a supporting form of identification to the election official and execute a Reasonable Impediment Declaration. The election official will ask if you have moved and then ask you to sign the list of people who have voted in the precinct.

Once processed, you will be handed a ballot card on which you will insert into the ES&S Express Vote voting equipment. In the next available voting booth, you will enter your card and let the on-screen instructions guide you through the process of electronic voting. You will select your choices by darkening an oval marking with the aid of the voting machine. When you have completed your voting, you will print your ballot and you will then insert the ballot card into the optical scan tabulator (DS200).